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Peter Stewart is an old Toastmasters buddy from Aberdeenshire.  I met him years ago at an area competition at Forres Toastmasters club. He won the competition and when on to compete at the national level.

My conversation with Peter was my first on this podcast journey and it was while I was still finding my feet with the technology of sound recording. I was also exploring ideas structures for the programmes.

Peter is a fascinating guy and he spent his early life in the army and went on to drive tanks and trucks in Berlin. He was a milkman, a pest control man and the middle of all that he found time to learn to sing and become an entertainer.

What is fascinating is it all started with a teacher.  The man inspired Peter and got him to set out some life goals.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the conversation with Peter Stewart and take the time to think about the challenge he sets at the end of our conversation.