A conversation with Simon Jordan.

By his own admission in his late 20s, Simon was on something of a deathwish. Weighing in at some 23 stone he was binge eating drinking and on various drugs.

Then just 18 Months later having made a decision to change his life and turn it around. He weighed in at just 13 stone and finish the London Marathon in 3 hours and 45 minutes.

Jumping forward into his late 30s Simon was working in the corporate world when he made the decision to leave and start his own marketing company. Within one year he was working with international companies and getting requests to speak at various gigs around the world.

Throughout Simon’s life he has always taken massive action and achieved big results and that has given him work with companies like Nike, Coca-Cola, Sky TV and many many others.

Simon currently operates a branding and design consultancy working with coaches other consultants all over the world. He lives in North Wales on a farm with his dogs and having fun means climbing mountains or running up hills.

it’s very clear that Simon had a journey going on here in his early career he was very much chasing and chasing results and then something happened, he went to a place of surrender. This conversation is how that impacted on his business and life.

I hope you enjoy the conversation with Simon Jordan.

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3.40 Leaves Sky TV started his own marketing business
4.10 Ego has landed
6.20 Chasing money
6.50 The universe sends a message
7.00 Failure after failure or was it learning
8.40 Shocking revelation and the year of change
11.15 The place of surrender and making flowers
13.40 We think we are In control
14.45 The power of networking
17.30 Getting what you want
19.30 Keeping fit
21.00 Being the best and a new relationship
23.00 Mindset and trust
27.3 Trust and take action
29.5 Natures Prozac
37.00 Appreciation of the mother mountains
42.00 One piece of advice

If you are inspired to reach out to Simon the links from the programme are below

Simon Jordan.com