Dasiy Luther is a prepper some might say a survivalist, today she runs a number of websites that provide information and tips on how to live through natural or man-made disasters.

The reason I reached out to her for an interview was that I saw her story and realised she is a ferocious writer.

100,000 words a week according to Grammarly

Six years ago, Daisy was in the corporate world and hating every minute of it. The job once enjoyed had turned into a stressful grind and it was taking her away from the things she was really passionate about.

A dramatic change came with the death of her father died. It was the last conversation with her dad that became the catalyst to move her forward and  towards a career in writing

The universe continued throwing things at her before she committed to change. She experienced personal economic collapse with the loss of her home and car.  Another family blow was the death of her X Husband and father of her children.

It was the prepping skills and a well-stocked larder that kept the family fed, and she took the leap and became a freelance writer.

She has not looked back, her writing career has allowed her to be the Mum she wants to be.  Only last year she ran her business from the road during 3 month trip around the USA with her youngest homeschooled daughter

On this journey, she has developed some amazing marketing skills. As for the future she is prepping her business for sale and looking to retire to Hawaii.

I hope you enjoy the conversation with Daisy Luther

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If you would like to see her work or get in touch you can connect with Daisy through here website

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