My guest on this podcast is victor Jemeniz.  I first came across Victor through my podcast addiction, I like to go to the gym, and I tend to listen to podcasts while I’m there.

Listening to his programme I was inspired to get in touch. It was clear that Victor had a busy and varied business life. Success and entrepreneurship came quickly to him. But there was more, and you will notice as you hear him speak. There is calm about him he is grounded. I got the sense that he had some answers to my life questions and that we would connect well.

During our conversation, you will hear how he started a cycling business and almost went broke but turned it around.

How he creates communities and networks around him

How to recognize and find your own passion

How and why he walked away from one of the most successful cycling podcast on iTunes.

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Time Line

3.00 Setback that made the difference
6.00 Following that itch

13.30 Health and fitness opportunity
14.00 Running against the advice

15.30 Not about money I just like to ride bikes
18.00 Going under and turn it around

20.00 Podcasting success 300 300 shows 30000 downloads per month
21:30 What you are excited about today you may not be excited about tomorrow

24.00 Keeping it fresh
31.00 Business and life balance

37.00 When you die what will be important
42.00 Being in discomfort and finding the gold

45.00 Jumping into ice water
47.00 Finding out what you can do

52.00 What is the rest of my life looking like

56.00 how to find your passion and values

You can get in touch with Victor here

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