My guest on today’s programme is a Lisa Avery.  She is a positive psychologist living in Barcelona.  My conversation with Lisa was an inspiration, as she walks her talk and is clearly passionate about her life and work.

But our conversation was more than that, as we explore some of the science behind finding meaning.

Lisa is head of UK operations for Growing with Gratitude an international organisation dedicated to the empowerment of young people through positive psychology. It is about helping them uncover previously hidden strengths and tap into deep reserves of resilience.

She well established in the corporate world and is a coach at “Work is Vocation where she uses positive psychology to bring about change.

Our conversation is a story of women who followed her skills with languages and teaching and discovered a passion. That discovery changed her life direction.

In the programme, we get the science of happiness and Lisa explains the difference between Eudaimonic and Hedonic Happiness. And we look at the practical steps you can take to find your journey.

I hope you enjoy my conversation with Lisa Avery

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4.00 Happiness has two branches

7.30 Joining the dots and looking back

8.00 Teaching Languages

11.00 When something felt right

14.00 Dealing with Fear

16.00 Vulnerability in Business leads to real connection

21.00 Standing out

23.00 The perfect day

26.00 The importance of Vocation

30.00  Motivation

33.00 Take the Test and find your strengths.

35.00 Knowing who you are

36.50 The power of writing

38.00 Accountability & Journaling

40.00 The Secret is …

The strength test from the University of Pennsylvania
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