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My Guest on this weeks programme is Martin Murry, you may not know the name, but you may recognise the product, Rock Rose Gin. Martin is part of the new movement in distilling industry.

We have seen type of movement before with Craft Beers. Over the last ten or so years, there has been a growth in the number of micro-breweries. They changed how beer is appreciated and successfully turned around what was a declining industry.

Now it is the turn of the Craft Distillers. Craft distilling was blocked by the licencing rules at HMRC. The licencing was based on a minimum still size of 1800 litres. That is a beast standing over 4m tall!

In 2009, following a successful challenge by a London gin producer, small production licences were granted. The door had been opened and it has unlocked a new industry of creativity and innovation.

This is the story of Martin Murry, a man that has always been passionate about brewing and the drinks industry. It is his journey from a successful career in the oil and gas industry to rekindling his passion for brewing and distilling.

In our interview, you will hear about the choices he made and how it all began, the experiments and what is ‘Holy Grass’. This is the Story of Rock Rose Gin. I hope you enjoy the conversation with Martin Murray.

Links from the programme:-

Rock Rose Gin is widely available in the UK and is exported to many countries.

The Distillery in Dunnet is open to the public, and you can connect with Martin through the website or his linkedin profile.

The Ted Talk mentioned can be found HERE