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What we have learnt so far?

During the last 8 weeks, the life Passion and Business podcast have presented 10 interviews with very different people. There have been clear differences in style and motivation and we have discovered some common threads around the key topic of life passion and business.

This programme is my review, the bits that stood out for me.

One of the things comes through it is about following the energy, all of my guests had a curiosity for life

They have an interest in what is going on around them.

There is something  important about discovering the qualities of your character because when you explore and express those qualities you are fulfilling the purpose  you were made for

What is Success?

That is a big question.

This is not necessarily something that is comparable with others.  Your success may look and feel different.

Money is not always the answer but it can be a tool and some people use the money to keep score.

Following your joy can be the same as following your passion

Passion is often about serving the world or serving a greater purpose.

But the one thing that is important if you are going to follow a life of passion and purpose is to make sure that you’re serving your own purpose and that you are looking after yourself.

Dan put it best when he said.  “Are you earning enough to give you the freedom to do the things you are passionate about?”

My conclusion in making this programme was that it is difficult to review and distil ten interviews without telling you everything. I can only say listen to them they are worth the time.