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The podcast today is a little different from the previous conversations in that there is no guest.

The main reason for the gap is I have been travelling throughout March, and that has meant limited internet access, limited scheduling windows with guests and technology problems. It finally caught up with me today; I could not make it happen.

That was it I am left with a show and no guest. In considering what was the best thing to do I realised that the one person you have not heard from is me, what is my story.

I might have shared a little bit of it on the website or in the podcast, but I have not told you about my journey. Or where I sit with the theme of this show. You know that I am on the journey of discovery. But not explained my thoughts on the big questions of success passion and meaning.

It is time I set the record straight and gave a little bit about my life and where I come from.

This podcast covers my early life, the loss of passion for the work that I did, it also looks at how my passion shifted as my circumstances changed.

I talk about my thoughts on success, meaning and at the end of the podcast I share a resource that is working for me at the moment.

That resource is called “The One Thing”, and the book is available on Amazon.

Next week will be back to the usual guest format, I have several people lined up so there will be no problems with scheduling and technology. Fingers crossed, we’ll see how that rolls.

I hope you enjoy the podcast and any feedback will be greatly appreciated.