The more podcast interviews I do, the more I know I am on the right track. The questions are simple enough, yet so few of us spend any time considering them.

Jeff Nemeth My guest on this episode another of my American friends and I can lose myself in his voice.

There is a natural calm; you know you are in safe hands. As with all of my conversation, we explore the questions to which there are no right answers. The point is we cannot copy the path of another, but we can learn from their experience.

Working  Hospitality is no way to stay fit

Jeff Nemeth left university with a degree in the hospitality industry and spent five years in hotels restaurants and catering. At some point on that journey, he discovered he was not as fit as he was and decided to do something about it.

That was his cue to leaving behind the world of hospitality. It was the start of a 15-year tour of the fitness industry, He became a personal trainer, later a gym manager and eventually a gym owner.

His life is a story and a journey that led him towards the personal development world. It begins with his early experience of the fitness industry.

Changing Profession

As he found success in the gym and the personal training world, he realised that there was a gap. There is a way to get what you want in life without feeling lost in the process.

He is now a specialist in human performance coaching. Over the last two years, he has developed programmes and applies them to real-world applications. He brings the tools to increase calm, clarity and harmony in the lives of busy people.

Jeff has some tips and tools to share, as ever I hope you enjoy the conversation.

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