Since the beginning of the year, I have learnt lots on this podcast journey. What I have discovered is that meaning and living a good life is available to all of us. My guests are living proof. But how do you and I get there?

This podcast is growing, with additional shows and content. You will discover more about how it is changing on the programme.

Meet Danny Clarke

This week’s guests is a young family man who is living the dream with his wife Liz and their 3 Children. Does that sound corny and what do I mean by young. At my age anyone under 40 is young.

Danny Clark is in his 30th year and to some extent, he has done all of the traditional life journey things and found it wanting. He felt controlled and unhappy.

On leaving education, he became a council surveyor, he did well and that could have been a life time job, but the routine ground him down. It was the start of the feeling of being controlled and unhappy. His solution was to quit and go travelling.

They say travel broadens the mind and in this case, it was true, it changed his thinking. On his return, he went back into the world of work. He explored estate agency, Insurance, Recruitment and eventually, he entered the financial services industry.

Somewhere on that journey he got married and had three children. Life was good, he had over ten years of experience in direct sales and achieved considerable success both personally and professionally. But he and Liz had a dream of a different life with more freedom; they saw an opportunity in Multi-Level Marketing.

Before you groan, this is not a pitch for MLM or a particular company; it is the story of how they bucked a system that did not want to be bucked.

Danny and his wife Liz achieved huge success in the MLM industry, earning multiple incentives and being recognised as being in the top 1% of the company. They did this by dumping the usual routine and using normal business practice, but the company hated them for not following the system and pushed them out.

Not wanting to lose what they had gained Danny and Liz used the techniques they had developed to build an online coaching system for people in the MLM space. In the last 12 months alone he has personally recruited 624 members to join his coaching programs.

Using the power of online platforms and social media Danny and Liz have created an income that is not bound by their location. After many years of feeling controlled and being unhappy. He is now living the dream and travels the world full time with his wife and family.

I hope you enjoy the conversation with Danny Clark.

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Podcast News

The podcast is growing into onto other platforms, and from May 24th there will be two shows a week, where I will be joined by my guest from Episode 9 Lisa Avery.

She is a Positive Psychologist and will be my co-host, on new programmes. Lisa and I will be exploring the journey towards vocation and meaning. We will be offering practical tips and tools for the ride that is this life.

The new shows will be based on a new facebook group of the same name life passion and business.

The new podcasts will start as a Facebook live presentations video in the group. If you would like to join us live, you are welcome; our first broadcast will be at 4 pm UK time 17th May. Your questions and comments will be welcomed and appreciated.

If you cannot make the live event, the audio will be available from May 24th.

Please join the Facebook Group Here. You will find all of the podcasts, resources and support for your journey. I hope to see you there.

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