It would be right to say that this weeks guest does not sit about. I am not sure if he was always a man on a mission, but Alastair McGill is driven.

Although a trained and qualified as an accountant, he does not answer to that label. When pushed he says he was a creative accountant, but in truth, he is so much more.

He is a competitive runner and believes in living life to the max; there have been highs and lows. Making money and losing money.

But he is never short of ideas; some come small hours or when pounding the streets at 5 am, training for the next race.

Unlike many of my guests he has never lost his passion, and for him, it does not feel like hard work. He is always busy and loves thinking of creative ways to be disruptive.

“Why does it have to be that way?”

His businesses ( yes multiple) and life reflects his values and beliefs. He does not conform to industry stereotype. You could never call him a boring accountant.

He takes the modern approach that breaks boundaries where ever he goes he looks to create a positive, dynamic and fun environment for clients and staff alike.

Ali is all about compassion, empathy, about treating people well. If I was going to apply a label to what he is and does, he is an accountant, designer and educator. Yes even without university degree he was asked to be a course lecturer.

Currently, he helps organisations to work together, to create better companies.

I hope you enjoy the conversation with Ali MaGill.

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If you would like to connect with Ali his contact details are below

Podcast  News

Next week is a step up for the podcast as we move to two programmes. There will always be the weekly interview, the new Co-hosted programme with Lisa Avery will release on a Thursday 24th as a podcast and the website.

It will be a practical programme with tools and tips to support you in making the changes you want to see in your life.

These programmes will be recorded a week in advance as facebook live events. You can join those live shows comment and ask questions. The first will be 4 pm on the 17th May.  Check the Facebook page at 4 pm Thursday and join us.