My guest on the programme is a Maverick, and she has always been that way including the time when life did not allow for that expression.


Shari is a mindset coach and creative strategist. She is there to defrag the brain when you are stuck. She helps people find their unique path in all areas of life and wellbeing.

But she did not start this way. Her current success is the product of 12 years of hard and intense work.

Born into a Jewish community just outside New York. She followed the plan as she knew it and became the stay at home mum.

But, while it may have been pretty on the outside, and the maverick was screaming and urging her to break free.

Freedom comes with a cost, but the prize is worth having, we get to hear that story.

It is a journey that has given her some fantastic tools and allowed her to develop a unique zone of genius. She helps people to find the creative spark, inner drive and individuality. All of the attributes need to fuel success meaning and fulfilment.

She does the deep work right alongside her clients she is not afraid of walking into the dark places. For Shari, every person has the potential to uncover and rediscover whom they once were before they lost their spark.

Now listen carefully because this New York girl talks quick
I hope you enjoy that conversation with Shari Teigman

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You can find Shari on Facebook  and Instagram at Shari D Teigman and at her website is Shari D

Podcast  News

This week we  step up for the podcast as we move to two programmes. There will always be the weekly interview show. The new Co-hosted programme with Lisa Avery will release on a Friday 25th as a podcast on the website.

These will be a practical programmes with tools and tips to support you in making the changes you want to see in your life.

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Tony · 19 December 2018 at 9:30 am

What a feisty lady – certainly knows her stuff! I found myself nodding at many of the ideas in the podcast. Full marks to you both for tackling some of the big questions. You should do another podcast focused on just one of the big issues… Great podcast – thank you!

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