At the beginning of my podcast journey, I was looking for answers. If you have been following the show, you will know my questions are always the same, passion success and meaning. Where do those feelings come from more to the point where do they go. How do people bring those qualities into there daily life and business?

Over the last five months, I have gained some answers and insights, but there is more to explore, and that adventure is the reason for the new weekly show co-hosted by Lisa Avery. It is part of a series of programmes and a Facebook group where together we will be exploring our journey, providing tools and support for you to do the same. We are looking to bridge the gap between where we are to where we want to be.

I realised early in the shows life that all of my guests had certain things in common they were taking risks, they were making life changes, and in the process, they were discover the answers to these big questions. It was after the interview with Lisa Avery ( episode 9) that I realised the possibility was open to everybody. Following lots of conversation with Lisa the decision was a BIG yes for working together, we can help people bridge the gap.

Welcome to episode 20 it is our first co-hosted programme and I guess it more showreel. It was our opportunity to set the plan and create a map for what is to come over the next few weeks.

The actual show will be recorded live using the Facebook platform. You can attend the live shows or watch the videos. The events will be available inside the Facebook group Life Passion and Business. Please click the link and join the group. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the show

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uestion · 19 December 2018 at 3:12 pm

“No single goal or achievement – only constant growth can achieve happiness.”

The problem with the “constant growth” model is it can be difficult to sustain over the long term. My experience is after 15 years of growth (and how you define growth is an interesting question) you can fall down the other side of the hill and reach a zone of stagnation. I’m wondering if there’s only so much growth we can sustain – does growth have a natural limit? Like the “constant growth” economy there are questions around sustainability. I don’t have any answers I’m afraid!

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