My guest on today’s programme is Stuart Mason a local connection for me but not that I knew it at the time. We met on Linkedin as I do with most of my business connections.

I was great to discover that he lives just a few miles from me and so we met at the local Costa to see how we might work together.

When I heard his story, I realised that he would be a potential guest for the programme and he said yes.

Stewart left school in the 1980s with limited qualifications, he was running a business from his parents’ attic and making more money than he father. “Who needs exams?”

It turns out that he did, as getting into the RAF without them was challenging but not impossible, but it did prevent him from flying.

You will hear how stated a business 1990 and ran it very successfully for over 20 years while driving fast cars and flying helicopters. The financial crash came in 2007/8 and put an end to it all.

I think you need to listen to the story to find out what happened next. But her returned Lossiemouth and brought with him a successful business coaching practice. He has also returned to his printing roots setting up “The Moray Business Store.” offering various printing and web services. The printing business dovetails together well with his coaching skills

In our interview, he explores what went wrong with his print company and how he sees the same mistakes in the business he supports.

Stuart speaks well, and I am sorry that the audio recording is not the best, all the same I hope you enjoy our conversation.

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If you would like to connect with Stuart you can find him at

The Moray Business Store