My guest on the programme is Dorota Owen. She is an inspiring leader, equally at home leading a  conference, delivering a keynote or teaching a class of teenagers. She is a teacher, and that is her first love, the inspiration of people. There is no better place to start than in schools and with children.

I have known Dorota since  I moved to move to Scotland 14 years ago. We met her through the school community and other events. I will always remember her capacity to lift a room as she entered. It was some years later when I got to know her as a Toastmaster. While there I saw her leadership capacity and watched her skills develop.

She took on more prominent roles in the environmental movements and with sustainability projects. Dorota is still a teacher, facilitator, speaker and leader and while teaching is her first love, she also likes to travel. So she chooses to mix it up, by touring, speaking and teaching.

I had not seen her much in recent years when the local toastmaster closed, and our kids have grown, and of course, she travels a lot.

This interview was the result of a chance meeting, and between her trips, I hope you enjoy the conversation.

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You can find Dorota Owen on Facebook or with a google search

The Friday Show

Friday will see the second podcast in the series with Lisa Avery, and it will be all about change. It was recorded this morning as a Facebook live presentation and is available now in the facebook group. It will be launched here as a podcast on Friday.