My guest on the show is Geoff Burch; I had seen Geoff speak at a business event some years back.

I sent him my usual guest request email, and unusually he picked up the phone and called me to say.

“Yes let’s do it always up for mischief”


The following ten-minute conversation had me crying with laughter. If that happened in the program, I had wondered how I would hold it all together. There was nothing to worry about Geoff was a great guest, and the show is worth a listen.

Geoff Burch is a best-selling author with six books to his name; he is a business guru and a successful speaker.

He started his working life driving bulldozers, went to art college in a terylene suit, became a hells angel and at some point, stared to buy and sell businesses. He owned a scrap yard, a paper mill and a haulage company to name but a few.

By his admission, he is the original cynic calling himself a “miserable bastard”. In truth, he is a natural storyteller, and the cynic is part of the story.  His skill is the ability to create humour from any situation even his near-death through open heart surgery.

He can take a serious business message and delivery it using memorable stories and characters. It has led to a radio shows and television appearances, books, conference keynotes and after dinner speaking.

Geoff is naturally funny and cannot help but make jokes. During our conversation, we hear him describe his journey as a happy accident. How he met his wife. We get the answer to those big questions and how he survived the last year leading to surgery, which nearly killed him. He also reminds us that he still wears the secret Hells Angel ring.

I hope you enjoy the conversation.

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You can contact Geoff through his website Geoff  you can also find him on Linkedin  and Twitter

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