Finding Your Joy is an exploration of thoughts, feelings and anxiety with today’s guest, Erin McCullough. She reveals how finding joy is possible at any time, and that we do not have to do anything to matter. We are always relevant and our existence is enough.

Erin’s Story

Erin had no idea what to expect when she agreed to couples therapy. During the first session she had an unexpected reaction which the counsellor explained was a panic attack. She had never experienced a panic attack before, nor had she any awareness of her suppressed emotions.

“It was a defence mechanism to not feel the emotions of when I was a kid”

The experience open the door to more therapy. But rather than ‘moving on’ she became stuck in the story of her trauma which resulted in an anxiety disorder. She stopped living and practically closed her life down.

After 9 months as a virtual prisoner in her home, Erin was referred to a homoeopathic practitioner and was virtually cured in just 20 minutes. However, whilst the chemistry was fixed and the panic attacks were gone, the mental and emotional trauma was not. But she didn’t know that.

The release of the panic attacks gave her a new lease on life and enthusiasm to start something new. She decided to leave behind her career in Special Needs Education and move to Hawaii to start a new business. The project was in property care and management. Within 18 months she was fully committed, employing 20 people and securing some big commercial contracts. It became her life. 100% 24/7 Full-on!

In reality, she had only swapped one problem for another.

The Outcome

Our conversation explores the life transitions that occurred for Erin through a near-fatal accident, divorce and meeting the man of her dreams on the first ‘swipe-right’. It’s also a story about the baggage we carry always, wherever we go. 

After years of personal work and study,  Erin dropped her baggage and discovered the power of internal joy, she found it is possible to live without anxiety low-level depression or overwhelm. 

Today Erin is a speaker and international teacher who helps people create ‘IMPENETRABLE JOY’ so that they can be calm, have peace of mind and meaning in their life, NOW!

Finding Your Own Joy

Towards the end of the podcast there is an exercise to explore and discover your own joy.

I hope you enjoy this conversation with Erin McCullough.

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