This week’s podcast is a little different. I was reviewing some of the older shows and found episode 57 with Suzy Beaumont on the subject of fear change and money stories.

If ever there was a time to talk about this it is now.

I think it is topical as I have been feeling my fear this week. Nothing dramatic but I believe it is related to change and possible money stories.

It is a forgotten fact by many including me: Unless I am staring at a tiger or a man with a gun, I have little reason to be fearful of anything.

Most of my fear is thinking about the past or the future. The show is good enough for a second airing as it is relevant to our current situation. The show touches on money stories we all have them.

Fear, Change and Money Stories

So to give you some background, Suzy Beaumont has been a regular guest on the programme. She is a former BBC producer, with 18 years of experience, working in both radio and television.

While outwardly successful, she not dealing with life and personal issues and generally unhappy.

It was the meeting of a life coach and the discovering personal development that changed everything. In 2017 she left the BBC to start Change Your World and up until COVID has been running conferences and events.

She runs the Facebook group, Change Your Worlds Every Day, where members meet 3 weeks out of 4 for morning for coaching sessions.

This show was recorded in April last year on the change your world Facebook page just before the spring conference.

If you would like to connect with Suzy Beaumont or Change Your World here are her links:

What next Post COVID 19

Outside of the critical industries and health professions, lockdown life for many has been a surreal journey. Life has been on hold; however, the end is in sight, and it is time to be thinking about what next.

We are in for a journey that is for sure, as the threat passes the world will return to a new normal.

What Did You Discover?

Many people in China valued the lockdown; it is rare for families to spend extended times together. For them, it was a precious time.

It was an opportunity to discover more about ourselves. In the west, some found they needed less stuff and spent less money. UK banks reported the repayment of £6 billion in credit card debt during April 2020.

Some people discovered they could work from home and lots of travels was not necessary. Other now dread the prospect of returning to work and others are not sure what it will be like when they return. Maybe it is a time to change, have you been making plans or waiting?

Did You Take the Time to Get Stuff Done?

It is interesting given space and opportunity to do something, many people just sit in neutral. For some, they binge on Netflix or find other distraction. If that was not you. Well done, but please read on

The Next Virtual Event

The new virtual event planned for July, It will be 5 days and we are going to nail this subject. It will be those that can implement over the coming months that will thrive in a post COVID world.

I want to hear from people on both sides of the coin, those who are good at being productive and from those who find it a challenge.

We all get the same hours in a day and some of us achieve so much more than others. What’s the story for you?