Turning the table is a lovely expression, reversing the practice. Back in 2020, before the world shut down, I was approved by Fiona English to do a reverse podcast. That means I get to answer her questions on my podcast.  How could I resist such an offer?   

In this show, we explore my purpose and my connection with all that is. It is about my spirituality and my sense of meaning. listening back to it today in the edit, it affirmed to me that my path for this podcast has not changed it is about exploring the human adventure.

Fiona is a coach and business consultant with experience in global investment markets. However, She left the industry to develop a coaching business around positive psychology. It was a calling as, today, she researches, speaks and writes on the subject of Positive Psychology, the science behind what makes individuals and communities flourish.

It is her mission to expand perceptions of spirituality; she believes that we are individually empowered to understand and prioritise our spiritual well-being in life. That there is a universality to the experience of spirituality, and it remains a personal path.

It is good to Look back and see the journey.

With over 400 shows in our catalogue, it is good to go back from time to time. I was out and about this weekend exploring the hills and mountains of Skye with my running buddies and while out there in some of those quiet spaces, my thoughts turned to the show for this week and this conversation is perfect.

The conversation with Fiona is in two parts, this is part one where Fiona is Turning the tables on me. In Part two I and turning the table back and taking charge of the questions. If you would like to hear me explore her journey, check out the link below. 


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