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Focus Coaching

Well done for recognizing the importance of getting stuff done!

But how do you move forward with or without goals?

It is possible to be successful without goals, but projects need deadlines, bills need paying, and some stuff just must be done on time. It all involves planning and execution, and for that, I use tools like planners and apps, currently Trello. When I have a challenging deadline or need a nudge to keep things moving, I use accountability partners or a coach.

If you could get something big done within 90 days,
what would it be worth to you?

FACT: This podcast was only launched in January 2018 with planning and using an accountability partner. There is nothing like telling someone you will do something to make you get it done.

Driving with “WILL POWER” alone is not enough.

I have been in business for 20 years, and I have noticed from my marketing clients that there are times when good intention is not enough. It takes a velocity of action to make a difference and get results.    

Will power is a limited resource. At the start of the day when the mind is fresh, it is easy to push through. However, do a few taxing tasks, have a few meetings and conversations, and that is it. The brain gets tired, and “Will Power” is gone.

There are sound physiological reasons for this loss of performance. Our brains only have so much capacity; we must choose our priorities.

Focus Coaching Gets Results

Paul Harvey in his deer shirt
Your Coach – Paul Harvey

For years I have used a process with my marketing clients to help them stay focused and be held accountable. It was a technique that I learnt during my coach training; I never gave it a name and the clients would not have known they were receiving coaching.

I call it Focus Coaching. It takes just 20 minutes. That is enough time to set out your challenge, review the resistance and agree on a strategy with a smart deadline.

This Stuff Works!

If you want to move forward towards intention, get stuff done, or even stick to goals. It is the accountability that will make it happen.

The Process:

  • Book your first session using the link below,
  • We meet on Zoom, the video conference platform,
  • You will leave after 20 minutes with agreed actions.
  • A recording of the conversation will be emailed to you.
  • Complete the actions and schedule your next session.

You have the option to book calls as a one-off or in blocks of five. A block booking is the recommended way to go, as it creates the momentum needed to get your project completed or move you forward.

My “thing” is helping people move forward, so I have kept the service affordable. The cost of a single session is £100, a block of five is £300. You do the maths. If you achieve your goal, what is that worth to you?

The first session starts with a 30-minute grounding session where we explore what you want and set out how we will work together.

This is an investment in you, it is about
you achieving what you want.


I can guarantee you will get clarity and a plan of action from our conversation and, if you or I don’t feel that is true, you can have a full refund. The process must work or there is no point in doing it.

Don’t think about it, book a call and let’s get going.
All the best, Paul Harvey

“A short conversation with Paul and I come away with a better handle on the issue and 5 clear actions to take.

He excels at asking the questions I need to be asked – getting to the heart of the issue and helping identify what I need to do next. Thanks, Paul”

Jess McBeath