Facing Resistance, is that something that you find easy? We all experience resistance in our every day lives, be it practical things like getting out of bed, staying on the diet or tidying the bedroom. Or it can be mental resistance, like sticking to the plan, getting stuff done or making difficult phone calls.

Our conversation on this show is about resistance. I have taken it from the event back in 2020 reasons and results

The guest on that event was Frankie Fihn has been in digital marketing since 2007. He is an entrepreneur, shaman, speaker, author, and world traveller. He is very experienced in working with his own resistance.

In this conversation we explore our shared experience in facing resistance and some of the strategies we have both used to over come it.

If you would like to know more about Frankie, he is the author of the book Beyond The Agency Box. He has been featured with the world’s number one marketer Jay Abraham. Frankie has also written for several magazines, and featured in numerous podcasts and articles. His approach covers lifestyle design, asset creation, client selection, leverage, and spirituality.

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