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Free Stuff & Turbo Coaching

Every website needs free stuff, so what could be free on a podcast site when podcasts are themselves free? Good Question.

However, I do have an answer as I have started to make podcasts about my daily process. These do not fit in the normal interview pattern. But they do come under the heading of tools and tips.

The Short Casts

For me, this means my routines, the process things that are working for me. I mention some of these processes during interviews and there is no time to explore them during the programme. That has lead to the idea of shortcasts or mini podcasts. Click Here

I have made a few a more will come. I am going to ask guests to make them for us as well. If you have an idea for a shortcast get in touch Here

Turbo Coaching

For a while, I was offering free trials of turbo coaching. The offer has ended, however, the first session is free and there process is worth a try as it will get you moving.

If you are looking for support to get stuff done the link is HERE

All the best

Paul Harvey