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Free Stuff & Turbo Coaching

Every website needs free stuff, so what could be free on a podcast site when podcasts are themselves free. Good Question.

However, I do have an answer as I have started to make podcasts about my daily process. These do not fit in the normal interview pattern. But they do come under the heading of tools and tips.

The Short Casts

For me, this means my routines, the process things that are working for me. I mention some of these processes during interviews and there is no time to explore them during the programme. That has lead to the idea of shortcasts or mini podcasts. Click Here

I have made a few a more will come. I am going to ask guests to make them for us as well. If you have an idea for a shortcast get in touch Here

How to Move Forward with Tubo Coaching

How do you get stuff done? Do you set goals or are you working with intentions?

If you listened to my 50th program you would have heard Simon Jordon and Susie Beaumont talk about the different ways to look at goals. It’s about approaching them in the right way for you.

For some people, the BIG HAIRY ASS GOAL  ( BHAG ) is just what they need, it really works for them. For others that just does not work. The big goals become too restrictive or if you are like me becomes a stick beat myself up with when I do not achieve it all in the time frame.

My current solution has been to move towards a more inclusive approach. I’m using intuition to guide my progress and that’s very much why the recent conversation with Lynn Robinson so appropriate.

We Still Need To Get Stuff Done

However even without goals, we still need to get stuff done, that involves planning and execution.

I have been in business 20 years and I have noticed from my marketing clients that good intention is not enough, it take a velocity of action to make a difference and get results.    

Driving with will power alone is not enough, it is limited resource.

For years I have used a process with my marketing clients to help them stay focused and be held accountable. It was a technique that I learnt in coach training, I never gave it a name and the clients would not have known they were being coached.

For a Short Time Get FREE Access

At the moment I am calling it turbo coaching it takes just 20 minutes. I would like to test the process outside of the context of marketing and want to offer it as a stand-alone service to the LP&B community.  For a short time, there is a free option.

If you want to move forward towards intention, get stuff done, or even stick to your goals it is accountability that will make it happen.

The link below takes you to a scheduling page, as a podcast guest there is a coupon code that is good for 3 sessions, the code is 100%OFF and it expires March 31, 2019. So do not delay just BOOK IT.

The Link to book is here

I hope to be speaking to you soon all the best

Paul Harvey