This week I am talking to Gemma Perkins, a self confessed Hermione Granger, whose one desire was to become a school teacher – at least it was until she got there and discovered why schools fail.

My Personal Slant on Education

Our ability to learn is a fundamental part of being human and yet the education system seems to struggle to find the right balance.  In the UK there are thousands of amazing teachers all doing their best in a system that doesn’t work for them or the children they are teaching.

One of my heroes of the cause for education reform was the late Ken Robinson, who died last year. Throughout his life, he challenged the schooling systems both here in the UK and in the US. Whilst those in charge listen and make the right sounds, it seems that very few real changes are made. 

As a past trustee for an independent school, I have to admit that I do come to this subject with a little bias. So I have posted a link to one of his YouTube videos below for you to make your own mind up on this matter. 

Gemma Perkin’s Background

My conversation with today’s guest is about the joy of learning and how education is a skill that we need for life. It is also about personal development and transformation, the discovery of skills that support bonding with people, making friends and ultimately building a better world.

Gemma Perkins is the oldest of 4 siblings, whose brothers and sister are on the autistic spectrum with high functioning Asperger’s syndrome. Gemma wanted to be a teacher since her first days in primary school and as her siblings were home schooled she had plenty of opportunities to practice.

After her own days in school she would come home and practice her teaching skills on them and during school holidays she joined in with their classes by supporting their teachers as an assistant. This gave her a great start that set her on the path to teaching, but things didn’t quite turn out as expected. 

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