Stop Procrastinating; while easy to say is not so easy to do. So what is the secret to getting stuff done? In our show today, you will get some direction that could put you on the right path. First, some background to this show.

Our weekend show was about habits, both the good and the bad and on that programme, I mentioned some of our past guests that overcame habitual challenges and moved forward in life by creating new beneficial patterns. One of those guests is Gemma Ray; she struggles with deadlines and habits to the point where she did the research and wrote a book called self-discipline.

Her background is in radio writing, and she was a guest on the podcast to celebrate the launch of her first book and even the second book. In between those books, she was a speaker at our 2020 virtual events Beyond the change and Reasons and results.

Our conversation is taken from the Reasons and Results event and was called. Self-Discipline is the highest form of self-care.

Gemmy brings humour and light quality to what could be a heavy topic. You are in for a treat.

Reasons and Results

Inspired by the Covid lockdowns in 2020 and looking to a time when it would all be over, the event was five days and 20 speakers exploring your reasons, “The Why” our motivation. Finding focus and self-discipline and meeting the resistance while putting it all together with accountability.

Even though that event is three years back, the content is still relevant. Tickets are still available and if you are one of the 5 lucky people there will be some free access. Check out the details in the event tab on the website.

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