How did we lose our empathy for each other and ourselves? I suspect it is the race of life and the striving for success. In the hast and pace, we forget that life is a journey to be enjoyed.

My guest is Georgia Reynolds and our discussion is about the rediscovery of empathy.

Georgia’s passion was people and hairdressing. She went to college, qualified, took a job and worked behind the chair for over ten years. It was a wonderful place to grow up exploring relationships with co-workers and clients.

Finding Empathy behind the chair

Although she did not recognise it at the time, she had discovered the power of empathy. When connecting with people in the chair, it built a bond that carried over between appointments.

Life moved on; she met married and started a family. While on maternity leave, she was offered a position as a corporate trainer for a leading beauty brand. She travelled the country, training hairdressers and salon staff to promote products. She excelled in the role, was recognised for her abilities, and took on more responsibility. After ten years, she travelled the world, doing 60-hour weeks; tiredness was normal, and life had become about box ticking and surviving.

When her daughter turned 13, she suddenly realised she had missed the journey. She had forgotten what it meant to feel and experience the emotions of life. 

Our conversation is about her rediscovery and finding empathy, bringing her life back into balance and how she is sharing those discoveries. She is teaching the value of empathy to business leaders and teams. 

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