The guest on the show today is Gillian Davies, and she is a women’s transformational coach. Gillian specialises in helping women who are in their mid-late 40’s, the early 50s. For these women, it is about giving themselves time and attention after many years of providing their focus to the family, careers or business.

Gillian Davies Women’s Transformation

Our conversation is about weight management and exercise and how it is the start of so much more.

Life Goes in Stages

It is hard to appreciate when we are young that life is a series of stages. I know this now but did not understand what that means until recently. To some extent, it is all tied up in the standard plan, the success model.

Thankfully most of us are born into the world with a fanfare of love and appreciation. There is that growing up bit, where everyone is so supportive, and then there is the finding your place in the world, getting a partner and maybe starting the family. Though all of these life stages, there is support and guidance from both family and friends.

But there are bumps in the road for men and women where support is somewhat lacking. For women, the significant shifts can arrive close, Children leaving home, Menopause, lost of family members, relationship breakdown and Divorce.

All of these factors cause a revaluation of life, a search for meaning many people start that journey with health and fitness. My guess is it all about feeling better about the self.

Losing a few pounds and having more energy is always a great start and today’s guest is there to help.

Gillian Davies Women's Transformation

As you will hear Gillian is from Ireland and growing up; she had her challenges with identity self-confidence and food. Physical exercise was always her place of escape; it made her feel better about herself.

In our conversation, she talks candidly about her struggle with alcohol and unhealthy relationships. It was always the return to fitness that was the most successful coping mechanism.

The Science Career

Gillian Davies Women's Transformation

She started in biomedical science and went into laboratory work and eventually moved into clinical diagnostics, microbiology and infectious diseases. Had she stayed in that career, her time would have been now working to solve the COVID crisis.

However, in 2016 after 14 years in the industry, the company she was working for changed their values. It no longer aligned with hers, so she leapt to follow her dreams and passions.

She did the big adventures climbing mountains, and stuff then returned home to Ireland with her husband and set up a nutrition and fitness business.

Gillian Davies Women's Transformation

Her current mission is inspiring ladies to realise their abilities, increase their self-confidence and feel stronger both mentally and physically in the process.

I hope you enjoy the conversation with Gillian Davies.

If you would like to connect with Gillian you can find her on Facebook and Linkedin

What next Post COVID 19

Outside of the critical industries and health professions, lockdown life for many has been a surreal journey. Life has been on hold; however, the end is in sight, and it is time to be thinking about what next.

We are in for a journey that is for sure, as the threat passes the world will return to a new normal.

What Did You Discover?

Many people in China valued the lockdown; it is rare for families to spend extended times together. For them, it was a precious time.

It was an opportunity to discover more about ourselves. In the west, some found they needed less stuff and spent less money. UK banks reported the repayment of £6 billion in credit card debt during April 2020.

Some people discovered they could work from home and lots of travels was not necessary.

Other now dread the prospect of returning to work and others are not sure what it will be like when they return.

Maybe it is a time to change, have you been making plans or waiting?

Did You Take the Time to Get Stuff Done?

It is interesting given space and opportunity to do something, many people just sit in neutral. For some, they binge on Netflix or find other distraction.

If that was not you. Well done, but please read on.


The new virtual event planned for July, It will be 5 days and we are going to nail this subject. It will be those that can implement over the coming months that will thrive in a post COVID world.

I want to hear from people on both sides of the coin, those who are good at being productive and from those who find it a challenge.

We all get the same hours in a day and some of us achieve so much more than others.

What is the story for you?