This week, Gloria Rand is sharing her story of finding ‘self’ love through writing her book Live. Love. Engage. Her work is in SEO copywriting and her background is in television, so when the message to write a book about Love popped into her head during meditation it was a complete surprise to her

Since publishing the book Gloria’s aim is to share it’s message with the world. She wants to spread the word that we are all divine beings. That doesn’t mean being perfect, it’s more about being able to switch gears when life throws us a curve-ball, finding love in our hearts and recognizing our uniqueness.

From TV Producer to Intuitive Copywriter

Gloria’s journey begins in the late 1980’s and 90’s working as a television writer and producer for The Nightly Business Report. She recalls the 1987 Crash and observing in amazement as the stock just kept dropping. This was back in the days before CNBC 24 hour news, when The Nightly Report was pretty much all there was on TV. So that was a particularly crazy time for the team.

Gloria loved the job, but eventually left to accommodate her husband’s promotion which required moving to Orlando. Although she continued to work, it wasn’t as rewarding, so when she kept receiving an advertising letter asking “Can you write a letter like this?” it attracted her attention. She knew she could, and decided to enrol in the copywriting course it was advertising.

It was through this that Gloria discovered her skill for direct marketing. She found that writing SEO appealed to both parts of her brain –  the logical part, investigating how to maximize the SEO; and the creative side, writing content that makes sense and gets people to take action. She also enjoys getting to know her clients and unveiling their heart’s story through her writing.

Since writing her book, Gloria has found a particular niche for writing intuitively and says the best writing often comes through her rather than from her, like a divine download.

Grief & Transition

Sadly, starting her copywriting career coincided with her sister’s diagnosis of terminal cancer which meant a challenging balancing act between growing the business and caring for her sister. She says despite the circumstances, this time was very rewarding as it enabled her to build a relationship with her sister who was 7 years older and not around much when she was a child. It was a couple of months before her sister’s death that she received the meditation message:

“You should do a book about love”

Her response…
“But I do Marketing. Where’s this idea coming from?

This makes no sense to me whatsoever!”

Gloria’s father was an alcoholic, so from a young age she had learned to control her feelings. The idea of writing a book about love was completely alien to her, and she knew it was not her idea, so it must have come from God. However, it turned out to be completely right for her, because it was exactly what she needed to learn. Creating the book gave Gloria the opportunity to put into practice the things she was writing about.

She started by jotting down a few notes and discovered an acronym for Love that helped everything drop into place:-

L   Let go and let God
O   Open your heart to receive
V   Value your uniqueness
E   Embrace your divinity

The book opened a door for Gloria to heal and develop her intuitive senses. It took her on a spiritual path: reading, listening to audio’s and attending a powerful silent retreat. This inner journey has enabled her to bring her unique skills together and become known as ‘The Insightful Copywriter’. Her SEO is all about ‘attracting ideal clients with messages from the heart’.

Gloria’s Message

When asked about Contribution, Gloria says she just wants to get the message out that we are all divine, and we just need to value our uniqueness. To support this, she offers the following exercise for Life Passion & Business listeners.


Make a list of the things you like to do and what you are good at. Invite friends and colleagues to contribute by asking them what they consider to be unique about you and collect all the testimonials you receive. Keep everything together so that when you are having a bad day you will have something positive to refer to.

I hope you have enjoyed this conversation about finding love with Gloria Rand. Links to her website, book and social media pages are below.

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