Some of us dream about dropping everything and taking off, but what happens when you do and more to the point what is that makes an entrepreneur with a growing business cash it all in, get on a plane with his family and become nomads.

Our show is about the call to adventure.

Sometimes it takes a wake-up call to see life for what it is, “fragile”. We all assume it will go on forever, and the story will play out well. In reality, we cannot make those assumptions; all we can do is live our best life by taking control of the story.

Ahead Of His Time

My guest Graham Brown was always the trouble maker as a child, he pushed the limits of authority, he did not fit in. He ended up in a tough authoritarian school.

He tells me that living on the curved edge is the mark of an entrepreneur. 

Despite the early issue, he went to university in the early 90s and graduated with an AI degree. That was 1995, well before artificial intelligence was a thing.  The technology was not ready, as for work no one understood what he was talking about. 

Looking for a new edge he went to Japan to teach English, in a language school. It was a big culture shift.  Japan like everywhere before the internet was the land of big brands, communication was all letters and telephones.  

He discovered he liked putting himself out there connecting with people, making an effort and learning Japanese.

1998 saw the growth of the internet, the boom was in full swing.

Excited by the prospect, Graham returned to the UK to start a business building websites. It worked until it didn’t. 

He went into mobile application design. Realising there was an opportunity in text messaging he started a mobile research business. Graham and his partners were the only company in the world offering this research.

“I have seen the future and it was text messaging between teenagers” 

That project went ballistic, he was on CNN, quoted in International newspapers and the business had outstanding success.

He was famous and successful in the telecoms industry, the only way was up.  

The Turning Point

Then at 59 his Dad was diagnosed with cancer and died within 4 years. That event changed everything. His Dad’s plan had been to retire and travel, but life had other plans.

That was the point we just don’t know what the future holds. (My wife has Parkinson’s and that was never in our plan.) 

The loss of his father made Graham ask lots of questions, everything started to unravel.
What is life for? Does big wealth make us happy?

That was when he and his wife made the decision to sell everything and travel. That is what they did, over 4 years. Apparently tropical islands are not the paradise we have been led to believe and how do you take deliveries on a street with no name?

Graham is a gentle soul that has learnt much on his travels, above all it was the importance of finding your story.

Today Graham has produced over 1500 podcasts, written 4 book, speaks live on podcasts and helps major brands define and tell their story..

Lets join the conversation with Graham Brown.

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