Today’s conversation is with Greg Fearon and is about his journey from People Management to Project FIT.

Back at the start of the UK lockdown in March. I was inspired to create something and give support to my podcast audience. The idea for a virtual event pulled together a fantastic bunch of people, all willing to give their time and wisdom to the issues and speak.

Greg Fearon and Gillian Davies from the Fit and Fabulous podcast were eager to take part and delivered a great talk on how to stay fit for life. Once the event was over, I had to bring them onto the podcast.

Gillian’s conversations was a few weeks back and today is the turn of Greg Fearon. Just like his co-host, he is a Women’s Transformational Coach. Over the last five years, he has helped hundreds of women feel better, get fitter, healthier, stronger and enjoy life without looking at the scales.

Greg, like everyone, has a life journey and where he is now could not have been predicted from where he stated. In his own words:

“Growing up, I was the classic fat kid that was rubbish at sport.”

Puberty and peer pressure change that and he developed a keen interest in sports and the ability to run. It led him to University and a Sports Science degree.

However, this was a passion he did not follow. Instead he chose a career in people management and worked for some big organisations like the Carphone warehouse. After several management roles, he ended up in the UK national health service leading to a position managing the gynaecology and maternity departments of a hospital.

The Needs of Professional Women

For Greg, this was a glimpse into the world of women’s health. Throughout his management career, he has maintained his connection with fitness. He was always coaching people towards healthier lifestyles, with the NHS role, he had new insights into the needs of professional women.

“How can I help the most people live their best lives?

He saw a need and started Project FIT 6 years ago to pursue a passion for helping Senior Management Professionals, lose weight & get healthy through nutrition and training.

I hope you enjoy the conversation with Greg Fearon. If you would like to get in touch with Greg his links are below.

Focus Coaching: Are you getting stuff done?

I have an accountability partner. It’s a great relationship where we touch in once a week and support each other to find clarity. Like many people, she had some challenges to deal with. Now here the thing is, she knows what needs to be done but was not doing it. With Focus Coaching I was able to help.

The point is, for some tasks we have built-in resistance and for others, it is a question of procrastination. For years I have used a process with my marketing clients to help them stay focused and be held accountable. It was a technique that I learnt during my coach training, I never gave it a name and the clients would not have known they were being coached.

I now call it Focus Coaching. It takes just 20 minutes. That is enough time to set out your challenge, review the resistance and agree on a strategy with a smart deadline.

This Stuff Works!

If you want to move forward towards intention, whether it’s getting fit, building a business or a personal goal This stuff works! For full details visit the Focus Coaching page.

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