Is grind and punishment your thing, or do you prefer something a little more gentle?

Grind and punishment is not some strange S&M kink, but it could be as damaging. This week I am exploring the other side of getting stuff done. The gruelling push that can be addictive or even a form of self punishment.

I’m talking about pulling the all-nighter, sucking up the pain, pushing through and wearing that achievement like a badge of commitment to the cause.

For some it works, and there’s a whole culture and industry built around this idea that success, achievement and progress requires self sacrifice. So if that’s your thing and you thrive on it, good for you. I’m not here to tell you it’s wrong.

But it’s not for everyone. In fact for some it’s a point of shame and in this show I will explore some of the hidden messages around this mindset. Personally, I spent a long time trying to discover why I was different and feeling like a failure. What I discovered is there is another way. It’s kinder, less gruelling and very effective.

So if grind and punishment is not your thing, some of the tips I offer might be the alternative you are looking for.

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