In the programme today we are looking at making progress without goals but using feelings.  As I record this we are at the back end of August 2018. Scotland has returned to normal summer and even now there is an autumnal feel to the air. I’m missing the sunshine and back in my long sleeve shirts. But that does not dampen the passion and drive for this project.

Ann Clarke

Ann Clarke

So what’s been happening on the project, I had a fantastic conversation this week with Ann Clarke. She has a lovely Irish voice, I got lost and we spoke for an hour and 15 minutes. That  will definitely require a bit of editing.



The 5-day Challenge

In other news, the launch of the 5-day challenge with Lisa Avery. We have put our plans back a bit. Thinking about the challenge we want to make it really powerful. What we had did not feel right.

The challenge will help you create a vision of where you would like to be. For many people, there is a gap between here and there, how do you make the bridge?

There is also another issue, how do you know what you want is real?

Is it what you really want or what you think you want?

The challenge will sort out the good stuff from the crap because one of the things about life is that it is very easy to pick up other people’s stuff and assume that is what we want.

The tools in the challenge will create a vision from who you are rather than who you think you should be.

So that’s what’s coming and I’ll let you know more about that as we develop it. The project is taking a little longer than we thought so I apologise if you’ve been waiting for it

The Ferdman Brothers. Progress Without Goals

Progress Without Goals

Guy & Ilan Ferdman

I am really excited about this program because it was such a fantastic conversation, I know all my conversations a fantastic but this was unique for me as these guys are brothers. I have never done a podcast with two people before and it was a really interesting dynamic. Technology is amazing, given that they are on opposite sides of the USA and I am in Scotland.

listening to Ilan and Guy Fredman talk about their life and their business, they are right out there at the cutting edge of human endeavour. They work with entrepreneurs. People who have made their money and are shocked to discover that the answer they are looking for is not there.

The brothers walk their talk, they have spent the last 15 years and over a million dollars in experiences that enhance and expand the mind. With all of that time and money, they discovered that the heart is your life’s true master. They demonstrate how living a heart centred life can radically change how you achieve stuff faster than ever, and with the least amount of work. Their work is dedicated to the awakening of people to live as their own, personal legend.

Their journey is an interesting story and they are still exploring

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