On today’s show, I am looking at some tools that could help you stay centred, while those around you are losing it. Are you hanging in there?

I am talking about the power of creativity. About taking care of what you read or watch, and exploring why it is important to listen to your quiet voice.

The world is not a happy place at the moment and the news and media will make it their job to feed us all of the gory detail on a 27/7 basis.

It is very difficult to avoid, and also highly addictive.

I am not immune to getting caught up and I have used every tool I have to keep me on point this week and for a while, there even that failed.

Holding it together

The point is we owe it to the world to share our gifts and that means we are responsible to manage our inner resolve and staying strong when the going is hard. The upside to that is when we do make a commitment that is when we received the greatest gift.

It is when we do the work that feeds us, that is when we feel good when we get to feel alive. If you need help with that, check out the resources or get in touch.

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