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It brings up the question of how we compare ourselves with others. This comes up in many areas of life. It is a topic that is particularly relevant for people on a personal development journey. The question is how do we compare ourselves with others, and is it really like-for-like?

When we look at Social Media profiles, biographies on websites, videos and the like, what we are actually seeing is the success models that are presented to the world in order to give the appearance that everything is perfect and wonderful.

It is important to be aware that all Social Media does is highlight the good bits and rarely shows the rough bits.

So are we really comparing like for like when we measure ourselves against the people we admire. Do we know the journey been on to reach a point where they can showcase their success to the world.

As an Entrepreneur growing a business, it is unrealistic to compare yourself with someone who has reached the top of their game.

Where the issue of comparison does become interesting is when two people meet at the start of a similar journey. Maybe they meet on a workshop or at a conference. Both are heading roughly in the same direction, with similar goals and aspirations. What happens when they reconnect years later.

One may now have reached the desired destination and created a success model that works for them, whereas the other hasn’t. What is the difference?

Often a project starts to fall apart because the person driving it has no clear vision or focus. When problems arise everything starts to crumble and they end up back at the beginning trying to build again from scratch.

The difference is when a person is working in their zone of genius, they have a passion and drive to overcome the things that would otherwise stop them.

Recognising this is fundamental to success. Finding our purpose and passion for a project will bring it to success, and finding the right people to handle the things we are not so good at, ensures we can stay on track and everyone wins.

That was one of the initial thoughts that I had when I started planning our forthcoming Reasons & Results Virtual Summit on 24-28 August 2020. The event is very much about how we can be in alignment with our goals and looking at what we need to put in place in order to achieve success.