The plan this Sunday was to talk all about Focus because I’ve been having a terrible time with Focus myself over the last few weeks. I suspect that is about how we get out of this situation. It’s tolling on me a bit at the moment.

However, Sunday morning came, the sun was blaring in through my windows and it was such a glorious day. If I didn’t get out on the bike early I wouldn’t won’t go, so I went out straight away.

I had a bit of food foraging and I thought I would make my video by the river.

The best-laid plans…? I did not take any notes with me, so I could not do justice to a focussed conversation. Instead I spoke about being at the river, free food and Sunday reflections.

I am thinking a lot about Focus and some of the things that we need to consider when we’re looking to achieve more focus in our lives.

As you will hear on the podcast, I am in the process of writing a piece on this subject. I really would like to deliver something of value, so there will be a short ebook of some sort available soon. Maybe even a Workbook associated with it. Let’s see what happens.