Carbon Kapture has launched a project started by Howards Gunstock 3 year ago.  In our weekend show, I explored how we take that dream and make it a reality. It brought to mind a past guest Howard Gunstock who is doing just that, I knew the launch date was close.

Our show is a follow-on programme, a chance to catch up with this fantastic project that has the potential to do so much.

It has been six years since Howard’s life was turned upside down; you can find the story in his original podcast. The potted version was that in the space of months, all of Howard’s close relationships ended or changed, leaving him empty and believing his life had become meaningless. It was at that point that he heard Greta Thunberg speak at Davos. 

It was a road to road to Damascus moment, and three years on we stand at the start of a project that can potentially change the world.

Carbon Kapture is a system that will support rural areas by providing sustainable work to grow seaweed, improving the local ecology, and providing a carbon drawdown opportunity. The seaweed, once removed, will be processed and the carbon safely sequestered.

This show explores the ups and downs of bringing something new into reality. The shortest route from A to B is a straight line but it rarely happens that way.

Howard to a great example of finding a way through. I make no appologie as this show is a  shameless plug for the project  

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