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Today’s Shortcast Topic, I’m So Excited is about those magically joyful moments that remind us how to celebrate the exuberance of passion. It is prompted by a chance encounter in the supermarket this morning.

Whilst shopping I noticed the incongruence of seeing a lone adult pushing one of those child sized shopping carts loaded to capacity with groceries. It became apparent why when an exuberant 4-5 year old came running up the isle full of excitement about being bought a packet of biscuits by the other (as yet unseen) adult with them.

This sheer joy over a packet of biscuits is something we rarely experience as adults.

Although, it may not be a packet of biscuits that does it for us, there are still some equally joyous moments to be experienced that we often let slip by without fully appreciating.

So on that note, I am sharing with you what I’m so excited about this week, the special gift my wife and I have joyfully created for you.

I’m so excited to launch the newly updated Five Questions eBook and Worksheets

I'm So Excited to launch The Five Questions eBook

It finally completed and ready to be shared with you, and the reason it’s so exciting is because it is our combined passion and life experiences that have been poured into it and the vision that it can support others in reconnecting with moments of passion in their life.

And, as if that wasn’t enough on it’s own, the extra special offer that we are sharing to celebrate it’s launch is the gift of One Month’s Free Access to 3 event sessions from any one of our currently available Virtual Events.

Follow this link for full details:

That’s it from me. I hope you enjoy our gift and that you find some equally joyous moments to celebrate this week.

Can You Help With My Podcast Research?

So what are the conversations I am having about podcasts? Well, the aim is to explore how to move Life Passion & Business to the next level, and for this I need your help. There are two options…

Option One:

The written survey will give me valuable information on what listeners enjoy and what inspires you. It’s anonymous and just a handful of multiple choice questions with space to add comments if you wish.

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However, there is nothing better than a good conversation and an opportunity to get to know you better. So my preference is…

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To have a one to one chat on Zoom. This would be a 15 minute informal chat about your listening choices and what you think makes a good podcast. It’s quick and easy to book, and you choose a time and date that suits you.

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I hope you can help me out. The podcast is for you, so the more conversations I have with listeners the clearer my direction will be.