With it being 4th July there can really only be one topic of conversation; the exploration of Independence and what it means.

Whilst today is the day America celebrates it’s independence from the UK, it is also the day my wife and I moved in together and began our exploration of interdependence. So my thoughts naturally turn to what that means to us as a couple, what it means in relationship to raising children and living in community with others. In this context, communal living can mean the local communities we create with friends and family or the larger community created as a nation.

There are several aspects to explore here:

Dependence, Independence, Co-dependence and Interdependence.

What is the difference between them? How do we create a balance that healthily supports each individual to flourish and contribute their best to the whole? I hope you will join me as I share my personal thoughts on this. I also invite you to continue your own exploration with the following questions:

  • Where do you express independence?
  • Where are you dependent on others?
  • Do you have any co-dependent relationships?
  • Where could you allow more interdependence into your life?

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