Why do you listen to podcasts? What inspiration do you want in your life? How can I serve you? Lets talk.

Today, my thoughts were on Inspiration and where we find it, and then I realise it was more about why we listen to podcasts.  

The Life Passion & Business Podcast is now three years old, and I have come to a point where it has fulfilled its original remit for me. The reason I started it was to find Inspiration for my own life and bring others along the journey with me. Although I have found many of the answers I was looking for, the journey is far from over.

The podcast is now more about how I can serve you and bring inspiration into your life and my question to you is where do we go from here? So looking for inspiration and why we listen to podcasts, I pose these questions to you…

Why do you think people listen to podcasts? and more importantly…
Why do YOU listen to podcasts?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this and have created an opportunity for you to answer directly includng an invitation to chat face to face on zoom.

Podcast Research

So what are the conversations I am having about podcasts. Well, the aim is to explore how to move Life Passion & Business to the next level, and for this I need your help. There are two options:

Option One:

The written survey will give valuable information on what you enjoy listening to and what inspires you. It’s just a handful of multiple choice questions and space for additional thoughts.

Here’s the link: https://cutt.ly/Gxg5AiS

However, there is nothing better than a good conversation and an opportunity to get to know you better. So my preference is…

Option Two:

To have a one to one chat on Zoom and the quickest, easiest way to book it is through the link below. It’s a really simple procedure.

Appointment Link: https://paulharvey.as.me/?appointmentType=21323103

I hope you are up for this. The podcast is for you, so the more conversations I have the clearer the direction will be.