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Why Life Passion and Business?

Hi, my name is Paul Harvey. Thanks for your interest in finding out more about Life Passion & Business.

The best way is to listen to the above podcast, but if you prefer to read, here is a potted history.

I started my business career in London 35 years ago (before the internet), working with direct marketing techniques in a B2B catalogue operation. I stepped out of the corporate world in 2004 and moved to Scotland. I am a self-taught digital marketer, with skills in brand, content strategy and copy-writing.

For the last 10 to 15 years the focus has been on digital marketing and I have a client-driven consultancy “Market That”, where I provide a full range of digital services, all depending on what the client needs. I also combine my leadership and coach training with my experience working one-to-one with clients to offer Focus Coaching sessions.

One of my greatest passions is talking to people and discovering their journey in life and business. However, in 2018 I had reached the point in life where I had more questions than answers.

  • What is it all for?
  • What is this all about?
  • How do you measure success in what has become a hectic and possibly over-complicated world?

I also enjoy speaking and presenting, so it seemed logical to start a podcast.

The original idea was the drive to find answers to the questions above and that is how this journey with the microphone began; talking about life, passion and business with people that look like they have the answers.

I hope you are keen to join me on this never ending voyage of discovery.