My guest on the show today is Israeli born, diamond expert Isaac Mostovicz. We begin his story at the age of 26 when he was offered a senior role with diamond manufacturer Muller & Sons. A life-changing opportunity for him and his family which meant relocating to Antwerp, Belgium.

In the 1980’s business was booming and it was an exciting time for diamond manufacturers. Isaac was eager and inspired to be in the luxury diamond market where he pioneered new styles of cutting and polishing precious stones.

His passion and dedication turned the factory into one of the very best in the industry. He achieved that success by giving his production team the freedom and encouragement to express their personality as true artisans through diamond polishing.

Reputation & Respect

Success brought rewards and he became the CEO of the company, earning him both respect and reputation within the industry. Sales were good, so money was good, but Isaac could see the industry was flawed and he had questions.

The company’s success opened the door to conversations with some of the biggest names in the diamond industry. In every meeting, Isaac asked the same question, “Why do people buy diamonds?”

Isaac was troubled with the answers he received, and it led him on a quest to find the truth for himself. He threw himself into study, completing his MBA and a PhD in luxury marketing and consumer behaviour. He achieved all of this whilst still running his successful business, which gave him a distinct advantage for selling into luxury markets.

The Collapse

However, like many luxury markets, the diamond business was a house of cards that collapsed with the 2008 financial crash. After 40 years, Isaac was out of work.

This conversation takes us on a journey through the history of diamonds, covering the rise and fall of the business through the eyes of someone who lived and saw the crash coming. It continues with Isaac’s recovery and reinvention and expresses the importance of engaging the heart to impassion the journey of business development.

Today Isaac works with C-suite decision-makers and founders to emotionally reconnect them to their business. He has researched and coached C-suite decision-makers on leadership, ethics, (corporate social responsibility and corporate governance.

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