It’s all about the story. On the show today is one of the fantastic women that stepped forward when I put out my last guest appeal. Maria McHale is an old-school journalist, a magazine owner and now communications consultant.

There is no sex in this weeks programme. Sorry, I am playing with last weeks tease as there was no sex in that programme either.

This interview is the story of a Galway girl who left Ireland for the bright lights of London. But first, let’s talk about my week.

Nerf Gun Darts

What I have noticed on my new life journey is how I am more open to joy and happiness. Because of that, I can experience more joy and happiness. That means saying yes if it feels right.

My big revelation of the week is that a nerf gun dart when fired has no momentum, but travels a long way. I will explain..

I am a digital marketer by day, I sort out digital sales strategies, the Google and Facebook things. I take away the digital marketing problems for people, so they don’t need to be a techie.

Just because I work on a computer does not stop me saying yes to other stuff, especially if it brings me joy.

Now I am very practical and love a challenge. So when a client asked about creating a unique trade stand for a show, I had to say yes. I could see a lot of fun in the doing.

It's all about storyThe client wanted some interaction with the show visitors, a discussion point. So we decided a little shooting game with flashing lights using a nerf gun. Well, with much playing, I discovered that while nerf darts will travel far they have no momentum.

This surprising fact will be a joy to the ears of mothers across the world. But it does mean hitting targets and making lights flash was going to be more challenging.

It was a fun few hours messing with bits of tin can, wires and a soldering iron.

I wonder what joys I will discover this week if I keep saying YES.

Future Guests

This podcast while young is growing. I am continually looking for new guest with interesting stories. But I thought to throw the question over to you. Who would you like me to interview?

Answers on the Facebook page, please?

On with the Show and let’s meet our guest.

Maria McHale and it’s all about the story

it's all about the story.Before the call, I had not spoken to Maria, but like a lot of my guests,

I have followed her social media journey as we move in similar circles.

She is an award-winning blogger, journalist and communications consultant. She is old-school magazine trained, a real journalist.

At some point, she started a magazine and then started another, then sold them both. Stories are her thing, and over the last twenty years she has help companies, and entrepreneurs show up in life and online as their brightest and most authentic selves.

She helps entrepreneurs build an enduring online and offline following, helping them connect with and build a tribe of dream clients and help grow a financially successful business.

She loves the quote “great stories happen to those who can tell them”, and believes we all need to dig deep and allow ourselves to share our stories- that process makes us human and helps us develop meaningful connections with our audience.


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If you would like to get in touch with Maria her links are below.