Before I go where? Trigger alert it is that word again. We are talking about the end, job done, time to move on.

My weekend show was looking at the Eulogy exercise, because my wife is training to be a minister, and one of her assignments is to create a living funeral.  So the topic was in the air. Now if we are going to consider our Eulogy we should definitely consider a few other aspects regarding the end of life.

There is an old saying that we cannot avoid Death and Taxes, and the sad truth is most people take more care of their taxes than they do in preparing to die. Only 45% of adults have a will. Intestacy is a messy process.

End-of-life planning can be a celebration

Today we are talking about the value of planning for the end so that you can enjoy the time you have left. And it was a wonderful opportunity to bring back a guest who was last on the show in 2018.

Jane Duncan Rodgers, is a friend and neighbour, a guest that is not only in the same time zone but lives less than a mile from my house.

She is an award-winning life and death coach who helps people prepare well for a good end of life through her books and programmes. It was the death of her husband that led her to write the book “Gifted By Grief”   There was a chapter that explore a list of questions and how they prepared for his passing.

Before I Go Solutions

That simple list has grown into a book. Today Jane is the founder of Before I Go Solutions, an organisation dedicated to educating people about dying, death, and grief.

This podcast is about living life to the full, that life will end and having a plan for the end is a parting gift to your loved one.

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