This week I am talking to Janice Clyne, The Fermentation Specialist.

We can all relate to food; it is an emotive subject and stirs memories, both good and some times not so good. Who remembers dreadful dinner dates or childhood associations? I have a horror story around sprouts that stopped me eating them for years, but for the most part, some of my best memories with friends, lovers or family are related to food and drink.  

Sharing A Passion

I am a foodie; cooking and sharing food is my thing. Food is never far from my mind, I know what I will be cooking on most days and I love to experiment. So when I first met Janice Clyne, it was with some excitement. Janice is a fermented food specialist. While most of us know our fermented drinks and or fermented flour (bread) there is a whole world of fermentation that is both fun and offers enormous benefit to our health.

I first came across Janice through the Change Your World Everyday facebook group. In Facebook, group engagement is often variable, but this week Janice had the Change Your World’ers sharing photos of food and exploring new possibilities. It was dynamic, and I was hooked. I could see a whole new area of taste and flavour possibilities opening before me.

How It Began

Janice started her career as a food research scientist; achieving a BSC Hons, MSC and going on to a PhD with a project in the whisky industry, working on the ageing process. She left the PhD to have her first child and never went back. Four girls later she has become a committed fermenter, food grower and educator/teacher of healthy choices.

This conversation is her journey through sourdough, kombucha, kefir, kimchi, kraut & fermented veggies! She is passionate to share her knowledge about the magical world of microbes and gut health. 80% of our immune system starts in the gut. 

Supporting Others

Janice is the founder of Nourished by Nature, dedicated (some may say obsessed) with addressing the fast food, convenience, throw-away society. She is determined to address today’s chronic health issues by introducing people to the health affirming & delicious world of fermented foods & drinks.

For her it is about informing, supporting, & enabling people of all ages & backgrounds to enjoy better health, through making better-informed food choices, getting back into their kitchens & bringing the joy & pleasure back into cooking and eating real food!

I hope you enjoy the conversation with Janice Clyne The Fermentation Specialist. Do check her website link below for the Celebration eBook that is spot on for the festive season.  

Janice Clyne The Fermentation Specialist eBook images

Janice Clyne’s Links

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