Finance to Mystic, how does the move from a life a facts to a life of intuition happen? Our story in the podcast is of transition from the rough and tumble world of finance to healing wisdom and soul work.

On this show, you will discover the importance of sacred clearing, we all clean our physical bodies, but there is more to life than this physical plain.  

A 70s Child, free to explore the world

Jammine Kim was an adopted child with red hair and a firebrand personality. She had a wonderful early life in 1970 Chicago.  Life was different; for Jeannine, childhood was an experience outside of the house, it was a freedom to explore. As a sensitive child, the world was full of seen and unseen experiences.

She left home at 17 and threw herself at the world, gravitating towards money and finance. Without a college qualification worked her way up from the bottom to become an IPO trader.

In the 1990s, finance was still running on a wall street mentality where greed is good, and women in the industry were commodities.

She was among the first women in the 90s to pursue and win a sexual harassment lawsuit and challenge this behaviour. 

That firebrand personality served her well; she was good at the job, trained others and built teams. But life while rich was empty on the inside.

There was a calling back to that sensitive child running wild in Chicago. She found a path through yoga. That was the start of her journey towards healing and the drive to share it with others.

She signed up for healing training in China, meaning she would need to leave her job to make it possible. She would have to choose to release her income, security and health insurance benefits.  

The Journey from finance to mystic

The universe has other plans. Our story is that journey and how the universe always has a hand in the process.

Twenty-three years later, she is now a yoga teacher and author, helping thousands of people to reconnect with their guidance and wisdom.  

Jeannine Kim Healing and Balance

In part two of my conversation with Jeannine Kim we explore career as a healer for over 23 years and she has never looked back.

We look at:

What it means to be a healer and who is doing the healing?

We explored reincarnation and the university research that has document of over 2500 cases of children under 5 with memories of past lives in a data base. The book with some of these stories is called “Before” By Jim B Tucker who is one of the key researchers.

It is a wide and varied conversation and Jeanine shares some useful guidance in how you might bring your life back into balance.

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