My guest on the programme today is Jennifer Herndon, who went from a death-row attorney to Entrepreneur. Her career started straight from law school, as a criminal defence lawyer. She had a successful career for over 25 years, a significant part of that was defending people on death row.

Jennifer Herndon Death Row to Entrepreneur

Jennifer has always been passionate about helping people. In the legal world that was people who are termed indigent. A simple word that seems so lovely and yet it covers its true meaning. Which is people who are poor, destitute, penniless, or impoverished, the legal profession likes to sanitise words and the people in society that might be called less desirable.

These people cannot help themselves, and Jenniffer was there to support them, particularly those facing the ultimate penalty. She passionately believes the death penalty is morally wrong, and she fought for her clients for many years.

Legal Success

Her highest satisfaction, from her time as a defence lawyer, was being instrumental in a change of US law, how does it get better than that?

The legal career was about changing life and death decisions, and sadly, for many of her clients, those cards were not in their favour. Jennifer, she did not win those arguments; you will hear some of that story.

It is the kind of work that takes its toll, and while Jennifer never lost the passion for representing people. She began to feel part of the system, part of the process of execution. She was getting burnt out and looking to change. It came in that she was fired.

Jennifer Herndon Death Row to Entrepreneur

She moved out of the law into online marketing. Like all of us, she fell into all of the traps before she found her way.

We discuss the easy button as if it exists?

How to ride the storm.

The show is her journey out of the laws and into a new life. Jennifer is a single mother of one and five adopted children some with unique needs, and she has created a life that works for and her family.

Jennifer’s gift is helping people the challenge was making it pay, and this is her story.

To get in touch with Jennifer you can find her on Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter

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