Can you imagine what it would be like growing up if the shadows in the dark were not figments of your imagination? My guest on today’s show is Jennifer Main – the empathic initiator whose psychic abilities meant that as a child those shadows were more real and scary than they are for the rest of us.

A Gift With A Price

Jennifer has been empathic from a very early age, but what does that mean?

It means she was super sensitive to the world around her; she could see, feel and hear stuff that others couldn’t. That might sound like a fantastic superpower. But like all gifts, it came with a price, and for Jennifer it was a high one. As a child receiving love and emotional support was difficult, because hugging people was painful. Adults carry so many emotions and this is very confusing to a young child who receives all this pain and emotional baggage in a hug.

Jennifer was born in North Carolina, known as the Bible belt of the USA. Her family have strong Christian beliefs so there was no easy way to talk about the things that might have been considered ungodly. She learned to rationalise the images and thoughts she received as part of an overactive and creative imagination. But it initiated her interest in psychology as a way of gaining more insight and understanding about the images, feelings and experiences she was having. She says her whole life has been a study of humanity beginning with herself.

The Empathic Initiator

After leaving school, Jennifer went on to study psychology and worked in the field of addiction and special needs.

Presently she is known as the Empathic Initiator and works as a transformational guide and speaker. She is a catalyst for change, her mission being to inspire individuals to recognise their unique potential and calling, to embrace purpose, and to live an aligned and authentic existence.

I hope you enjoy this conversation with Jennifer Main. If you would like to connect with Jennifer and her life as an empathic initiator, you can find her through the social links below.

An Amazing Time to be Alive

This podcast was recorded with Jennifer in December 2019 when the world was a very different place. Back then my slight cough was just a seasonal cold. I had no idea how different things would be when we first released this in March 2020.

It was the wake-up call of Covid19 that prompted my first Virtual Summit. As we are re-releasing this recording in November 2020, I am currently co-hosting my 3rd Summit with my wife Cheryl. The theme for this one is more important and significant for us than ever before.

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