What does it mean to be Living in Alignment? For me, it is about moving through life in flow with our surroundings and connecting with something bigger that we can see. If we are going to meet the challenge of AI in the 21 century. This is a path it cannot follow. 

Our conversation is with Jennifer Main. She is a transformational guide and shows people how to tune into their intuition and connect with the flow of life. She is a speaker, best-selling author, and leading meditation & theta healing instructor. 

In this conversation, we explore what is possible when we connect and flow with the rhythms of life. It is about using our intuition and living in alignment, and only possible when we use more than our physical senses.

Jennifer was born in the USA, lives in Scotland, and is no stranger to the programme as she is a past guest. The recording you are about to hear with Jennifer was from a virtual event in December 2020 and is part one of two.

The second part is more of an experience where Jennifer took Cheryl and me on a journey to connect with our surroundings. This and many more amazing conversations are available on the event page. 

In my weekend reflection, I explored the rise of AI. Since making that programme, I have realised humans need to develop and grow to meet the challenge. AI will never develop our capacity for intuition. It will never have the ability to read the room or tune into the space.  

The Story of Spiritduality

In 2020 the podcast was two years old, and we could see a theme. Many guests would talk about using intuition or gut feeling when making decisions. I wanted to explore the subject, as did Cheryl (the wife). So together, we created an event called Spiritduality. It was an exploration of the line we walk between faith and religion and ordinary life.

Jennifer Main is a past guest, and you can find the original show  Jennifer Main Podcast 

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