Today’s guest Jessica Coulthard : the strategic interventionist is a fellow podcast host of the “Ignited Entrepreneurs Podcast” went all in recording and uploading more than 100 shows in just over a year. And get this, podcasting is her side hustle, she has a full-time role as a project coordinator.

Power of podcasting, coaching and personal development.

In 2015 Jessica had an epiphany, she realized was writing down the same goals that she wrote down every January, and her life wasn’t changing. That was the moment of realizing, she was choosing to keep herself small. It started her on the path to changing her life.

She discovered Jack Canfield’s book “The Success Principles™ and then it was time for the hard questions and her journey towards the life she wanted. 

Our conversation is about Jessica’s journey of self discovery, moving from the quiet introvert to become the women with a voice her own. It is about finding her place in the world and who she was here to serve.

Jessica Coulthard the Strategic Interventionist

The pinnacle of that transformation was in 2019 when Jessica hosted a live event called “The Women Who Inspire Conference” 2019 and went on to become the host at Ignited Entrepreneurs Podcast.

Jessica Coulthard defines herself as a Strategic Interventionist; she uses NLP techniques to dig deep into her clients’ unconscious and works with them to understand their driving needs, core values and motivations to facilitate rapid change!

I hope you enjoy this conversation with Jessica Coulthard. If you would like to get in touch with her you can find her links below.

Time Line

1.00  The day it all changed
2.00 asking tough questions
2.45 Jack Canfield Success Principles
3.00 what is stopping me
4.00  living with excuses
5.00 podcasting and networking
7.00 the power of win win win and the ease of the medium
10.00 The journey the day it changed
11.30 finding her niche, helping people to find their passion
12.00 The side hustle
12.45 The Women Who Inspire Conference 2019
14. Role Models
17.30 not willing to give up
18.30 The Success Model
20.45  Contribution to the world
22.00   What surprises people about her
25.00 Owning who you are
27.00  being with people
30.00 Why are we here

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