How often have you heard the phrase “Money does grow on Trees”? If you had a childhood like mine, unlikely without the word NOT between the does and Grow?  It is the title of a book by my guest on the show John Bolton.

John is an optometrist from Brisbane, Australia, and he is the first guest in my series on money. He is the author of the book, “ Money Does Grow On Trees”.

Since the beginning of the year, I have been researching several subjects to bring you a series of mini-events around essential topics for our continued growth and development.  We could explore many things, but the most significant factor affecting us every day is Money.

That has to be the first topic, and while I have yet to set a date, I can tell you what it will be called.


Let’s Talk about Money.

Because the one thing I’m acutely aware of as I have explored the subject is that people don’t want to discuss it, they are more likely to discuss sex than money. The event date will be out soon, so make sure you are on our mailing list or following the podcast. 

Back to our author and guest on the programme.  John Bolton has had a pretty good life; as I explored his story, what stood out was his journey with personal development. His parents were forward-thinking and exposed him to books and tapes from an early age.  While he was not interested, it is clear that his parents were role models in his journey.

In our conversation, we cover the five questions related to John’s life and how he explores the idea of passion, purpose, success, meaning and contribution.

John was fortunate to discover that speaking to people and helping them was a calling.  As an optometrist, he found a profession that supported both his joy and passion. It satisfied his need to help, making people’s lives better with new glasses and, at the same time having great conversations.

The key to John’s success has been the books he has read, well over 100. His decision to write his own was the desire to share the 15 books that have changed his life. 

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