It’s never too late to discover your passion and inspiration. Is it possible to find a path that works even after years of effort? 

My guest on this show was always creative, enjoying writing and acting, and life could have been different were it not for a debilitating skin condition. It took away his self-confidence and, with it, his dreams of acting, performing and writing. 

Today, John Leister is a prolific self-published writer, excited by the possibility that every story is a new adventure. John was born in the 1960s and lives in Vancouver, Canada; from his early years, he always thought he would be in the creative industry. As a child, it was all about comics and drawing for hours.

His early education and work were uneventful, and while he thought that he could make his mark in the creative industry, it was not something he chose to follow. 

In his early 20s, he walked past a drama school, went in out of interest and started acting classes. His writing talent was discovered here, and he started the journey towards an acting career. He had an agent and was attending auditions; he was an extra on several movies.

However, the acting life is tough, and you must be strong of mind and heart to take the slings and arrows of rejection. This was not easy for John, and it manifested into a skin condition called psoriasis, effectively ending his performance career.

It is never too late.

John has been a security guard for 35 years and it is his writing that has been his saviour, creating character and alter egos of himself. It took him years to publish these short stories, and in 2019 did it.

Our conversation is about that story, how he stepped out of his own limitations and became a published author. John is not your classic success tale. He is living life on his terms, at peace with his journey, and is content with where life is heading.

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